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William C. Felch

Artist, Designer, MADMAN


Ive always been the one to want to create. In fine art I never really found a happy medium or technique. I like to constantly use something the “wrong” way to create a visual experience that is completely different to what i’ve seen before. Anyway I can express my ideas visually if its drawing, painting or sculpture, the out come will be original and thought evoking.


Seeing the potential in making a living at creating and telling a visual story i began to learn about design and its many applications. From print, to web design and even in to video production and motion graphics. The principles apply to all the mediums, its learning the process and applying the right touches to tell the story.


I like to be told I cant, thats the wrong way, that wont work. Theres no better motivation and driving force of knowing that the cards are stacked against my ideas or outlook, and then prevailing and showing, that hey theres more than one path through this landscape. I think out side the box. I take the projects that scare the rest of you and make it happen.

"Have no fear of perfection,
You'll NEVER reach it."


yes i did

How many times i've Driven across the good 'ol US of A
How many times ive ALMOST been run over by high speed motorcyles
Episodes of the X-Files Watched
Hours spent trying to explain the Terminator Timeline to my Wife

Skills to pay the bills



Visually telling a story and creating an experience from pixels or paint. The concept the balance and composition are all the foundation for a solid final design and campaign.



The light the shadows the angle and timing. Capturing the world in the view finder through the glass of a camera, to stop time in an instant.

Video Production

Video Production

A moving composition sometimes is the only way to fully tell the story. Literally bringing an idea to "LIFE" through motion and design is a fulfilling experience. With the right lighting, pace, audio and imagery combined the ability to emote an emotion though the process is amazing.



Standing out in the watered down, re hashed, reused and over done visual land scape is a must in todays world or marketing and sales. Stand out! Be seen, and be unique. Lets build your brand.

The Ramblings of a Mad Man


A Trip to the Palace. A visit to the Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue.

I have been talking with Jason Flatt from the Friends to the Forlorn for a few months now about coming out to the palace and getting some shots of all the pups. 

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  Finally the time was rite and we could both make it happen. I went to the “PALACE” and met a bunch of the Pitbulls that Jason has rescued. I got to see the facilities and some of the day to day activities. It was absolutely overwhelming. Other than the fact that the dogs were SO HAPPY and excited to see someone new there, the very first thing i noticed was the smell….or should i say the lack there of. 30 or so dogs, you would expect the hint of dog in the air. NOTHING! The place is so immaculately well kept, and an amazing site to see. After meeting a few of the dogs…i looked at Jason and said…”SO HEY, BRING OUT THE SQUIGGS!” hahahaha this little rocket of energy, Mr. Squiggy Fisher stole my heart many months back. He has so much character and personality, its hard to not fall in love with him immediately. IMG_9985IMG_9977           Jason and i then hoped in the van and went to Fulton Animal Control to pickup 2 pups and to get them ready to place them in their foster homes. The trip to the pound was eye opening for sure. You read about it, you even see pictures and maybe a video or two about it…but nothing…NOTHING prepares you for walking down through the pound, seeing Pit after pit after pit for a solid 50 yards, 2,3,4 to a pin all with different stories…all to easily thrown out.


Im looking forward to the next few weeks of working with Jason and the rescue and chopping up some video and making some good things happen….if it helps one dog find a forever home, it’ll alllllll be worth it.


See ya soon Forlorn Crew, i cant wait.


IMG_9901 IMG_9912 IMG_9914 IMG_9927 IMG_9970  IMG_9981  IMG_9988



Emphatic: showing or giving emphasis; expressing something forcibly and clearly.

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Shot and Created for Rob Zombie’s “Epic Fan Horror Video!” contest, I took a dark horror inspired spin to the concept. Emphatic gives the audience an open window view of the creative process, inside the mind of a creative. This can be a very uneasy place at times. Emphatic Poster



I. Visualize: concept and seek the inspiration to begin.



II. Create: Build your foundation, construct your framework, live within your creation.



III. Infect: Seek out the flaws and lose the dead ends. Hold your creation high for all to see, shine bright among the darkness. Infect the world with your influence. 



Equipment Used


GoPro3 Black Edition on custom built rig (almost entirely shot with the GoPro)

Canon 60d (for some added depth in particular shots)

Tamron AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Dill VC

DJI Phantom Quad Copter

GoPro time lapse panning mount.


Rode Pro Mic

post production:




GoPro Studio (compile time-lapse footage)

Powerman 5000 Unofficial Lyric Video

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Ive been wanting to do some music video work for the past year or so. I thought i would get my feet wet with a few Lyric Videos and see what the consensus was on them. I really enjoyed working on this piece, layout the type and tweaking the different animations across the timeline.

Video by William Felch


“We Want It All” taken from the brand new album Builders of the Future! In stores May 27, 2014. Follow the links below to pre-order and get exclusive PM5K merch!

iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Powerman5000





Catch Powerman 5000 on tour: http://www.bandsintown.com/powerman5000

For more info on Powerman 500 please visit:




Music by Powerman 5000 performing We Want It All. (C) 2014 Universal Music Enterprises, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.



Draw with me!

Starting this May 27th Ill be teaching a intro to drawing and beginners drawing course at Your Fired Creations in Douglasville, Ga. 

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RSVP Here. 

Here are some photos from our most recent classes.



The What:

Intro to Drawing and Beginners Drawing

We’ll be learning what it means to create and to trust what you see, drawing from life.

All courses will be taught with various forms of charcoals and types of paper.

This is a great summer program for kids getting out of school for their break who want to stay busy and creative with their time. This is a no pressure, open and easy to learn in environment, come enjoy the process and lets draw some stuff!.

The Details:

Courses are open to all ages above 7.

This is a 10 week Course

Course prices are as follows

$250.00  for all 10 classes upfront ($25.00 per class)

$55.00 by the week

$30.00 per class


Students will need to supply only a sketch book for the class, the rest of the materials will be provided.

*suggested sketch book. 


The When:

10 week course starting May 26th!

Tuesdays: 2:00pm- 3:00pm

Thursdays: 4:00-5:00pm


The Where:

Your Fired Creations in Douglasville, Ga.

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Name of Student

Does the student have any experience? If so tell me about it, if not..no problem!!

Some of my Drawings:




More details on the Your Fired Creations Summer Camp here.

Show Reel

After many months of putting it off, I finally got around to clipping all my work together in a crisp, clean little production. Enjoy.

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